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Working With What You’ve Got


“If you can’t fix it, feature it.”

– Gerald M. Weinberg
The Secrets of Consulting

I ran across this quote during my career as a consultant in software engineering, but it has actually had more relevance to my photography. We’re in Acadia National Park this week. On the way here, I had visions of misty costal scenes and warm morning light on the costal cliffs. What I had this morning was a nor’easter on its way in. Clearly, I couldn’t fix that so I decided to feature it. I wanted to produce an image that captured the feel of the ominous skies and the pounding, wind-driven waves crashing against the rocks. The image above was processed from a single, well-exposed file. After processing it in Lightroom, I went to Photoshop and added a Curves Adjustment Layer with a mask to darken just the sky.

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