Field of Flowers Impression

October 17th, 2014

Field of Flowers_Impression_edged_Blog

This image of a field of Mule’s Ears, Scarlet Gilia and Flax was captured using a relatively long shutter speed while tilting the camera to produce an impressionist-style blur. I used Topaz Impression to add brush strokes and enhance the overall impressionist quality of the image.

Painterly Flax

October 9th, 2014


Here is another Wild Blue Flax image from our time in Crested Butte this summer. Each stem produces many buds that open at different times. As a result, we enjoyed seeing and photographing these flowers throughout most of our stay.

For this image, I chose a painterly treatment using multiple textures. The main body of the image uses two textures — one from the FrenchKiss collection and one from my own files. The border was constructed using one of the Flypaper Fly Edges textures.

Scarlet Gilia

October 3rd, 2014

2014-06-27_Scarlet_Gilia_Soft Glow

The days are shorter; the nights are crisp; there is snow in the high country and the ski areas are making more. Still, it feels like summer as I continue to work on this year’s crop of wildflower photos.

This one is Scarlet Gilia, also known as Skyrocket. I’ve used an Orton effect to increase contrast and saturation as well as add a bit of glow to bring out the fireworks analogy.